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New SR32J ordered @Mach2016

Posted 15th Apr 2016

Qualiturn @mach2016 ordered a New STAR SR32J. This will repalce a 10yrs old machine. This will bring faster machining and better tolerance control. The SR-32J sliding head, 7-axis CNC lathe was... Read more...


Posted 5th Jan 2016

Continual investment in inspection see the install of a new PJ-A3000 Profile projector from Mitutoyo Read more...

New STAR SR38 ordered

Posted 23rd Oct 2015

qualiturn has ordered a new SR38 machine, delivery 2016.The new machine will offer some new machine technics and extra capacity. the speed and accuracy will continue to help qualiturns policy... Read more...

STAR SR20J installed

Posted 16th Sep 2015

Installed and commisioned our newest machine a STAR SR20J, replacing an older SR20RII. The new machine is faster, more effeicent to run, and will hold even tighter tolerances. Read more...


Posted 29th Jul 2015

Qualiturn has ordered a new SR20J from STAR GB, this new machine will replace an older SR20RII, impoving quality, efficency and saver on energy consumption. delivery September The SR-20J is the successor... Read more...

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